SMS automation and notification service for Business Owners and Developers

Use your own Android mobile phones
to create SMS driven services.

Use case examples

  • verification icon

    Verify Your Customers

    Create authentication process for your application by configuring SMS Genie API to deliver one time codes by SMS, so your applications can verify phone numbers instantly and also provide an additional security using two-factor authentication.

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    Build SMS Chatbots

    SMS Genie API supports provisioning of two way communications via SMS for your users. Using this functionality you could integrate this channel into your apps enabling users with an instant response opportunity on all devices supporting SMS.

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    Improve Your Workflow

    SMS Genie API provides an opportunity for integration with your CRM system empowering your projects with A2P and P2A capabilities supported by your own mobile devices.

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    Send SMS Online

    Send & receive texts using our simple intuitive dashboard using your Android mobile device with a sim card as SMS Gateway from anywhere. We support multiple gateways for bulk messaging and SMS marketing.


Steps to start

01 Sign Up
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Verify your number
02 Select Priceplan
  • Basic
  • Select
  • Pro
03 Setup Gateway
  • Create Gateway
  • Generate Secret Key
  • Install App on your phone
  • Use Secret Key in the App
04 Start Messaging
  • Send SMS via site
  • Configure to use service via API

Questions & Answers

What do I need to use your service?

You need to register and setup your Android phone as SMS gateway. This is done by simply installing our mobile application SMS Genie Gate from Google Play.

What is SMS gateway?

An SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive SMS to or from a mobile network. You could manage this activity through our online dashboard. Data connection is required to use your phone as SMS gateway.

How much do you charge per SMS?

We don’t charge our users for sending text messages. You are billed by your mobile network operator accordingly to your priceplan. We recommend to select appropriate plan to use with our service.

Can I try your service for free?

Yes, our basic priceplan allows you to use the service free of charge, you could always upgrade to another priceplan.

Why do I need to register my mobile number?

We verify your mobile number at registration to be used as login and secure communication with you.

Could I use your service with my website?

Yes, we developed REST API to support third party web and mobile applications.