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SMS Genie is an API-centered platform for integrating applications powered by Android mobile phones, the system manages SMS messaging sent and received by users’ Android phone.

Web developers and start-ups rely on SMS Genie for user engagement through integrated text messaging or web notifications.

Great for Schools & Clubs, Coaches, Businesses, Charities, Government Agencies

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Organizations of all size
rely on SMS Genie

Thousands of developers and business owners are using self-managed SMS Genie gateways to engage users with text-messaging communication. Because SMS Genie is a platform, it connects through any Internet connected Android phone – anywhere on earth.

SMS Genie to integrate two-way communication between an organization’s CRM and customers or delivers special marketing campaigns and notifications to registered users.

The platform can distribute and manage up to 10,000 API requests per minute and optimizes delivery via an intelligent queueing system.

Common use-cases include

CRM integration

Web-app connectivity

Special Event Updates

2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

SMS Notification

School Cancellation Notices

SMS Marketing

Disaster Response

It is perfect for disaster response application developers and organizations who need to rely on stable, cost-effective text-messaging infrastructure with a 99.9% delivery success rate.

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Choose from a simple intuitive web-interface or the more robust and powerful API for SMS communication workflows.

This is not your best friend’s personal group texting app.
SMS Genie is for serious work. It allows organizations (even small ones) to improve communication while reducing overheads.

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Steps to Start


Sign Up

  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Verify your number

Setup Gateway

  • Create Gateway
  • Generate Secret key
  • Install App on your phone
  • Use Secret Key in the app

Select Priceplan

  • Basis
  • Select

Start messaging

  • send SMS via site
  • Configure to use service via AP

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SMS Genie work?

SMS Genie is a cloud-based solution that integrates a broad range of Application-to-Person (A2P) and Person-to-Application (P2A) messaging scenarios. SMS Genie combines a simple, public REST API and a mobile app running on an activated Android phone with internet access to provide seamless test message communication. It can be used as a two-way communication tool or as a single distribution point.

Because it relies on the SMS and internet connectivity of the Android device, SMS Genie does not incur variable messaging and connectivity charges.

How soon can I start using the API?

The API is available immediately after a registration and confirmation process that takes only minutes.

Where do I download the Android mobile app?

The SMS Genie app, called SMS Genie Gate is available for free on the Google Play store. Click here

Can I try your service for free?

Yes, our basic priceplan allows you to use the service free of charge, you could always upgrade to another priceplan.

Why do I need to register my mobile number?

We verify your mobile number at registration to be used as login and secure communication with you.

Could I use your service with my website?

Yes, we developed REST API to support third party web and mobile applications

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