We provide a free platform and mobile application enabling SMS marketing and bulk messaging

  • Any Android handset could be easily converted into powerful SMS gateway
  • Just use a priceplan from your local mobile provider which includes texts
  • Get your message to as many customers and contacts as you want without extra costs
  • We always provide our service for free, a small fee only applies for super volume users

Our Priceplans

Questions & Answers

What is SMS Marketing?

With 8.6 trillion text messages are being sent every year on average and 5 billion per day in the US alone, SMS still remains the most effective direct marketing channel to reach your target audience. We empower you to run and manage mobile messaging campaigns at a cost of local SMS using your own devices.

Can I try your service for free?

Yes, our starter plan allows you to use the service for free if you find it useful you could always upgrade to more enhanced priceplan.

Why do I need to register my number?

Your mobile phone number registration is required for sender verification and your number is also used as a login.

What is SMS gateway?

It is an Android phone enabled by our application SMS Genie Gate to process SMS marketing campaigns managed through our online dashboard. Please note active data connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) is required to use your phone as SMS gateway.

How I can manage my campaigns?

Our website provides the following tools to manage your campaigns:
✓ Scheduling your SMS
✓ Analysing SMS responses
✓ Import and manage your contacts
✓ Create custom SMS signatures for your campaigns

What about international SMS?

We currently don't offer international SMS packages. However, you can enable an Android device in your target country and use it for sending and receiving SMS at a local rate. You will be able to access replies at our website.